Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cut and Paste

On May 25th, 2007, I was on vacation in Hyannis, Massachusetts with my family and we were surprised to see Darth Vader and a stormtrooper outside the post office on the main street. It was, of course, the 30th anniversary of the release of Star Wars and the release date for the Star Wars postage stamps. (The photo in my profile was taken that day!) We went in and bought some that day.
Now that a year has gone by and postage has gone up, we're going to see less and less of the Star Wars stamps, which is a little sad. I just used the last stamp on the sheet a few weeks ago and it seemed a shame to throw away the background image sheet. So, I cut out the few pictures that remained and gave the DIY stickers to my three and a half year old daughter to make a Star Wars collage and the results are below.
The black ink shape in the lower left is Darth Vader. She also put the letter D close to Vader. I asked her if the D was for Darth Vader and she said it was a D for Dada because she was making the picture for me. I'm the red ink figure just below Darth Vader. She put me in there because I, as she said, "love Star Wars". The little red guy in the extreme lower left is Obi-Wan Kenobi holding a lightsaber and the green crayon figure on the left side about halfway up is a stormtrooper. I asker her what the red ink lines were in the center and she said they were "crazy squiggles". I should have known! She also put a red circle sticker in the center to finish it off. The circle is now complete. Or, the circle now completes it, or something like that... Anyway, my kid made a Star Wars picture! I'm so proud!

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