Thursday, April 03, 2008

Coffee with Darth Vader

I've always loved the Death Star conference room scene. It helps introduce us to the capabilities of the Death Star, but more importantly it shows us how wicked bad Darth Vader is when he comes within an inch of killing Admiral Motti using only the Force. The giant-size Marvel Comics version captures it very well.

But wait a minute, what is Darth Vader doing with that piping hot beverage that he levitates across the room? How the heck is he supposed to drink that? Even if he could pour it through his mask, wouldn't it just pour down his chin and his chest, drip into his suit and mess with his electronics?
Interestingly, this little detail was actually included in an early version of the script according to Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays. Since the comic was published before the movie was released, the guys at Marvel had to work with the material they had available.

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