Saturday, February 07, 2009

A New "Hope"

There is a neat little gizmo over at Paste Magazine called You can use it to make your own Shepard Fairey / Obama style poster images. I decided to make a few of my own with a Star Wars theme.

I think the Vader image came out really well. He has his head tipped up at just the right visionary angle to the future where he can end this destructive conflict and rule the galaxy with his son.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Science Fiction Illustrated: 1977

At a local community yard sale this past weekend, I picked up a copy of Science Fiction Illustrated: 1977, Collector's Edition. The cover claims it is "The only magazine of its kind - a preview of all the top science fiction and fantasy films for 1977". Surely there must be something about Star Wars in there. Sure enough, it was. Here is the entire Star Wars article.


STAR WARS: $8 million and rising. Sounds like a line out of director George Lucas's earlier effort THX 1138, but expenditures will not cease on this operation. A sure-fire hit is in production, and the special effects whatever the cost, will without a doubt be one of the biggest sci-fi efforts of 1977. Lucas's story of STAR WARS is similar to THE LORD OF THE RINGS, a young man is called upon from a wise one to save the Galaxy from the dark forces of evil. Mark Hamill, Peter Cushing, and Alex Guinness are the stars. The real stars are the "special effects." Films producer Gary Kurtz called in many of the top men in the field. Among them are Dan O'Bannon (greatly responsible for DARK STAR). The film will utilize many areas of effects, most noteworthy are the computer displays, of which O'Bannon is in charge. The special facility which houses the special effects is located in Van Nuys California, in a warehouse known as Industrial Light and Magic - ILM. It consists of two large sound stages, a wood-working shop, electronics shop, and many more shops for model building, photography, negative cutting, optics, animation, and a projection room. All in all, an enormous facility devoted to stagger anyone's imagination.
How quaint! You'd think that a magazine that devotes three pages to "The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires" would have more than just one paragraph on Star Wars. I especially like the reference to "Alex" Guinness!
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